Precious Heirlooms creates one-of-a-kind custom tallit, chuppot, kippot, torah covers, ark curtains and more...

Precious Heirlooms creates beautiful, feminine Tallit.  

Many women today find a spiritual warmth wrapping themselves in a Tallis chosen with  favorite colors, fabrics and meaningful text. View our selections below. Customization is available at an additional charge.

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We thank you for understanding that we will not reply on the Sabbath or holidays. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

P-407_Sadie P407 - Sadie

P-47_Mokuba_Florette_P47 - Mokuba Florette


P109_-_Dazzle P 109 - Dazzle

P10_-_Bonita P10 - Bonita

P403_-_Jackie_O P-403 - Jackie O

P_48_-_Mokuba_Florette_ P47 - Mokuba Florette Gold

S52_-_Rose_SherbertS52 - Rose Sherbert

S54_-_RA_PinkS54 - RA Pink

P83_-_Lily_of_the_Valley P83 - Lily of the Valley

S52_-_Blue_SherbertS52 Blue Sherbert

S93_-_Ariella S93 - Ariella

E97 Isabella Copper on Gold

P45 - Teal Majestic

P83 Lavendar Lily of the Valley

E200 - Bronze Jasmina

S155 - Gld. Peacock

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