Precious Heirlooms creates one-of-a-kind custom tallit, chuppot, kippot, torah covers, ark curtains and more...

Precious Heirlooms presents our most popular Tallitot designs!
Each tallit makes a statement. 

We're happy to help you select the perfect Hebrew text for the Atarah (neckpiece) from our many options. In addition, we can accommodate your own meaningful phrase. 

We look forward to creating your tallit! 

We thank you for understanding that we will not reply on the Sabbath or holidays. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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P318_-_Black_Jack_Too P318 Black Jack 2

S112 - Copper_Dots S112 - Copper Dots (available as Silver Dots)


P204-Chenille P 204 - Chenille

P301_-_Izmir P304 - Izmir

S9 Blue Gold Lynx

S6 - Mini Triangle

S23 - Lt. Blue Byzantine

S28_-_Royal_Blue_ByzantineS 28 - Royal Byzantine

S72 - Gold Feather


S4 - Red Diamond

S8 Lynx  (Limited Availability)


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