Precious Heirlooms creates one-of-a-kind custom tallit, chuppot, kippot, torah covers, ark curtains and more...

We're proud to show you additional styles and color combinations for your tallis.

We're happy to help you select the perfect Hebrew text for the Atarah. There are many quotations and phrases that we typlically use; however if there is a particular sentiment that is meaningful, we'll work on it with you. Matching tallis bags and kippahs are available as well.

We look forward to creating your tallit! 

We thank you for understanding that we will not reply on the Sabbath or holidays. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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20140624_203418S101 Gold Panache on Blue Silk

P206 Staccato by Precious Heirlooms P206 - Staccato


P201_AlladinP201 - Alladin

M10 - Music (available in many colors)

P-308_EbbTideP-308 - Ebb Tide

P202_Bravo P202 - Bravo

P_310_ShirazP310 -  Shiraz  (available in gold, silver, burgundy/black) 

S-14__Geometric S14 - Geometric

S101_-_PanacheS101 - Panache


S114-_Ocean_Waves S114 - Ocean Waves

New Image Coming Soon!

S153 - Celebration

S10 - Egyptian Red


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